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   For information on how to enter into contracts with ALE Amanat, please contact: Room 512, 13 Republic Square, Almaty, 050013, Republic of Kazakhstan. Telephone: +7 727 334 03 65, +7 701 272 0112, fax: +7 727 334 03 65, e-mail: info@kazamanat.kz, Skype: kazamanatkz   

  ALE “The AMANAT” Association for Copyrights and Allied Rights Protection” is a non-profit Association of Legal Entities (ALE), collectively managing the rights of performers, phonogram producers and other holders of related rights.  

ALE Amanat aims at preserving and promoting the Kazakh culture, developing the show business in Kazakhstan, exercising and standing up for copyright and related rights.

ALE Association Amanat operates adhering to the principles of voluntary and equal membership and democratic self-government.

  Over 130 Kazakh performers have already entered into contracts with Association Amanat. They include such well-known and loved in Kazakhstan and outside it artists and bands as Yerlan Kokeyev, Jamilya Serkebayeva, JSC band, Motoroller band and many others.  

ALE Association Amanat focuses on:

Protecting and exercising rights of performers and phonogram producers to fee for public performance, as well as for broadcast or on cable TV phonograms released for commercial purposes,

Assisting the title holders exercising and protecting their intellectual property rights on a contractual basis, including mandate to be granted by other Kazakh and foreign organisations to manage rights on a collective basis.

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