Alim Zairov is a distinguished composer renowned for his musical contributions to Kazakh and international cinema, and illuminated the musical world with his artistic prowess. Stepping into the limelight with his debut EP Renovazzio in 2013, followed by the 2017 album Now, Zairov showcases his compositional talent. Now, with his latest offering, the EP Endless Stories, consisting of five captivating tracks, Zairov invites listeners on an enchanting sonic journey that marks a significant evolution in his musical odyssey.

With Endless Stories, Zairov transcends his previous musical boundaries, embarking on a creative expedition to elevate his craft to new heights. His aspiration for this EP was to infuse his compositions with heightened warmth, intimacy and a profound personal touch, strengthening the connection and bond between composer and listener. The result is a mesmerising fusion of neoclassical nuances with electronic elements, as Zairov interlaces these distinct sonic textures.

The inception of the record germinated three years ago when Zairov linked up with his friend and fellow composer, Roman Vishnevsky from Ukraine whom he’d met in 2010. This collaboration culminated in an exquisite blend of talents, with the album being mixed and mastered at the Sound Division studio in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Opened by “Intro”, the EP starts off with a mind-bending instrumental exploration of the piano with stretching sonic textures and the processed plinks of keys that dance around above without structure or direction, crafting a kaleidoscopic sound, before giving way to a blissful and serene atmosphere of delicate piano chords that float beautifully in the mix.

Title track “Endless Stories” crafts a warm sonic embrace with the soft patter of piano, creating a stunning neo-classical piece. “Shelter” continues to thread enchanting sounds with a truly hypnotic piano performance full of dynamic ebb and flow. “By the Sea” offers a transportive sound that reveals the musicians true mastery of the instrument and knack for composing an enveloping piano music.

The EP closes with “Ode”, an ethereal piece that invokes a sense of weightlessness, floating through space as the soft synth textures swirl around you, resulting in a euphoric and mesmerising conclusion to the artist’s sensational new EP.

Throughout the release, the artist displays both his profound compositional talent as well as his performance panache. As his fingers elegantly dance across the piano keys, he threads a realisation of his unique creative vision that reaches out to the listener and ignites imagination, reflection and contemplation.

Alim Zairov’s new EP unveils a chapter of musical evolution that radiates with authenticity and heartfelt writing. Through his neoclassical-electronic fusion, he crafts an experience that resonates deeply within the souls of his listeners. As each note unfolds, the EP imparts a sense of timelessness, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the luminous tapestry of Zairov’s musical world.

Commenting on the EP, he shares, “Well, at this moment, the main thing about 3rd album was – to try to make step further and deeper to my piano sound and style, to make my sound more privilege and more intimate… And also trying to add more electronic and synths sounds. You can hear all my approaches and efforts in the last track called “Ode”. And i pretty sure that my next release will be more like piano and synths style album, bc i put some first bricks in my wall already in “Endless Stories” album.”

Listen to Endless Stories below

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